Bottle camo hides your beer in a steel bottle to keep it cold

Koozies are great for keeping your beer cold while drinking. That's great, but it doesn't really do anything else. If you want a drinking buddy that's a little more helpful, consider swapping out your favorite koozie for a bottle camo.

Similar to a koozie, this device is designed to be worn over a beer bottle to protect you from the warm temperatures of your hands while breastfeeding throughout the night. It's designed to not only keep your beverage colder for longer, but also cushion the impact when your bottle falls (so it won't break) and camouflage your bottle from the public eye.

That's right. Bottlecamo hides your beer inside a stainless steel frame. From the outside, it looks like a Grayl or any other regular water bottle. This is the same thing that many people carry around to drink coffee, juice, or whatever else they want to drink. Working hard. So you can walk around pretending to have coffee at 9 a.m. like everyone else in the office, while actually enjoying your second beer of the day. Yeah, it's cool. You also probably have a drinking problem.

The bottle camo is split in the middle, making it easy to slide in a new beer bottle as soon as it's empty to the last drop. Screwing on both ends will cover the entire bottle up to the mouth, and a screw-on cap is included if you want to hide that part as well. It uses a quarter inch thick neoprene sleeve for insulation and will keep your beer 40% colder than a regular koozie.

Bottle Camo is currently raising funds for its production. You can reserve a unit with a commitment starting at $16.

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