5 Unique Drinking Gadgets Under $50

Digital Beer Koozie ($20)

Cholera Note
Beer Outlaw

There is so much real-time data out there, yet we're still drinking beer without knowing its exact temperature.

The Kool-er-naut brings the tried-and-true Koozie into the 21st century. It comes with a liquid crystal thermometer and a freezable ice pack that slides into the bottom of the new appliance for extra coldness. As a bonus, the back of the Kool-er-naut comes with a chart showing the optimal temperatures for different styles of beer.

[Kickstarter (ships October-ish)]

Drink Making Scale and App ($49.99)

The perfect drink

What a wonderful time to be alive! Place your glass on the scale and the connected app will tell you how much liquid and ice you should pour into your drink (with hundreds of drink recipes to choose from). If you pour too much liquid, the app will instantly readjust the amount of liquid left. You can also tell the app what type of liquor you have on hand and it will only show you recipes that can be made with that liquor.


Beerberry Booze Smuggler ($29.49)

Beer Belly

I'm no good at math, but this fake beer belly will likely pay for itself before halftime at an outrageously expensive sporting event. Just pour 80 ounces of your favorite liquor into the wearable polyurethane bladder, slip it on under your shirt, and toddle through the turnstiles like every other overweight American. For the ladies, there are even wine-holding sports bras.


Rotating Beer Chiller ($29.99)

Spin Chill
Spin Chill

Put a beer on a pile of ice, rotate the can a few times, and it will eventually get cold. How? Scientists. “Science doesn't spell it that way.” Oh yeah, I've heard both.

Then you attach your can to this handheld spinning device. It spins the can faster, and as you'd expect, it chills your beer faster. The SpinChill can chill a can in one minute, a 12-ounce bottle in three minutes, and a wine bottle in five minutes.

Tailgate-in-a-Box Kit ($39)


A tailgate party? Fun. Carrying all your stuff to a tailgate party? Not fun. Packing all your stuff away after stumbling around like a toddler during an earthquake? The height of not fun.

Instagate's disposable kit includes a grill, grilling equipment, a 60-quart cooler, a lighter/bottle opener combo, a beer pong set, 10 sets of utensils, 12 cups, 10 plates, 20 napkins, 20 condiment packets, and a trash bag to clean up everything when you're done. Oh, and the cardboard box folds up into three little tabletops.

[Kickstarter (ships November-ish)]

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