The simplest beer koozie is the best beer koozie

The koozie as we know it has been around since the 1980s, but its name comes from the knit covers the British used to keep drinks and food warm. It is derived from the more historical “cozy”. The foam era of koozies led to the neoprene era of koozies, but the premise of buying this specifically to keep your beer cold remains the same.

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But this is what I was taught. Remove the bandana from your sweaty head, fold it into a flat length, wrap it around the beer like a boa strangling your prey, and tuck or tie the ends. The beer becomes easier to grip and hold. Beer is shielded from the warm sun. Beer is kept away from prying and critical eyes.

Although proof-of-concept testing has yet to be completed, bandana wraps can serve as much of a role as cheap neoprene koozies that can't be lost or worn during important moments, reducing the embarrassment of using a foam parody. . Koozy. A “practical” men's option might be this her $30 product from Yeti. It's made of stainless steel with double-walled vacuum insulation and looks like it was invented in an MIT frat house.But who else do you need thing? Not you. Because when you've just finished mowing the lawn, or when you're sitting in a folding chair and tap-dancing on your toes on your favorite body of water, you quickly realize that there's nothing more unifying than wiping or cracking your forehead. Because you notice. Open one and mix the sweat and canned food.

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