Perfect drink koozies to keep your drinks cold

It's time to stop underestimating the common koozie. The primary function of beer sleeves, bottle jackets, or “candies” is to keep drinks cool on hot summer days, but these insulated drink holders do much more than that. The following four products are great examples.

Bottle keeper ($30)

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Get a bottle keeper. While this koozie certainly serves its primary function thanks to its neoprene insulation layer, the bottle keeper is also designed to protect your beer from the harsh conditions of outdoor drinking. The company hasn't released any specifications regarding the Keeper's ability to withstand drops or spills, but it does claim that the bottle holder can withstand some serious impact. But even if the bottle breaks as a result of a summer misstep, most of the glass will likely stay inside the koozie and won't be scattered near your sandaled feet. BottleKeeper also comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate 12-ounce bottles, stubby 12-ounce bottles, and various bomber bottles.

Corkcicle Chirsner ($19)

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Corkcicle's Chillsner may not fit the narrow definition of a koozie, but this product promises to keep your drink cold until the last sip. This frigid device works from the inside out, using a stainless steel rod filled with thermal gel to keep your drinks cold. However, you will need to place your chillsner in the freezer for about 45 minutes before placing it in your favorite beer bottle.

Caller Note ($15)

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No more checking the Rocky Mountain color to make sure your beer is nice and cold. Koolernaut doesn't just keep your drinks cold, this Kickstarter koozie also tells you how cold your drinks are. Featuring an auto-off feature and a battery that promises 6,000 hours of functionality, the stainless steel thermometer provides an entire summer's worth of beverage temperature statistics. Koolernaut also comes with his two ice packs that fit into the bottom of the koozie, ensuring your drink stays within drinking range.

Corkcicle Arctican ($30)

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If there's such a thing as a premium koozie, it's the North Pole. Featuring two layers of vacuum-insulated stainless steel and a twist-on cooling core filled with a proprietary freezing gel, the Corkcicle claims Arctican can keep drinks cold three times longer than the average koozie. The Sleek Slip is designed for 12-ounce cans, but bottle drinkers can also use the product thanks to the included felt sleeve.

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