Freaker USA Update – What Happened After Shark Tank?

Freaker USA before Shark Tank

in front Zach Crane is a man who decided to turn his everyday hobby into a new business venture. While in Wilmington, North Carolina, he took a knitting class that sparked an idea. Zach started knitting “sweaters” for beverage bottles. It's basically a koozie, but in the form of a knitted fabric. He ended up creating an account on Kickstarter to see if people would fund his idea for Freaker USA. Zach's Freaker USA Kickstarter was eventually labeled as one of his top campaigns of 2011 on his website. He was able to raise approximately $60,000 and was able to get his business off to a good start.

After getting public funding from Kickstarted, Zach was able to patent his product. Now Freaker USA can now create knit he covers for everything from regular he 12 oz bottles to large 2 liter bottles. Zach is proud to make all of his products right here in the United States, but he wants to be able to grow his business. His overall goal is to “shock the world,” which is primarily why he went to Shark Tank to look for investors with global reach and extensive business experience. But will one of the Sharks actually bite into his creatively different ideas?

shark tank freaker usa

Crane joins Shark Tank seeking a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in Freaker USA. The Sharks are clearly surprised by his unique presence and the loose way he's marketed. Crane casually walks over to the display table and picks up a model free car. Then stretch it over a regular beer glass, then place another glass over an average water bottle. The key point of each free car is that it is made of a special fabric that is highly elastic. This allows you to cover almost any type of beverage bottle.

Middle-2 The Sharks are then shown a short video that explains the entire origin of Freaker USA. The story moves by quickly, but ultimately tells the story of how he learned to knit in Wilmington. He then started making koozies himself for his friends and decided to turn it into a business. He found a place that mass-produced Freaker, which allowed him to make many promotional videos and take the product to various trade shows. At the end of the video, he receives a large investment from one of his guys from the Sharks, hoping that it will make his business even more successful.

At the end of the video, Crane gives the sharks some samples for them to touch and examine for themselves. Kevin O'Leary was the first to speak up. By asking for his $200,000 investment for a 10% stake, he values ​​the business at his $2 million. O'Leary would like to know what sales have been in the last year to see if this is a fair assessment of the brand. Freaker USA is only 13 months old, but so far he has generated $320,000 in sales. His products are sold in about 200 stores and he has distributors in both Japan and Canada.

Those numbers definitely impressed the Sharks, but Daymond John doesn't understand why they're doing so well. Although he has seen other products similar to this, Crane claims that is not possible because he holds a patent for this “one size fits all” bottle cover. It also costs just $1 to make a free car and retails for about $8 to $10.

But despite all this, Mr. O'Leary disagrees with Mr. Crane's assessment of the business. But he likes the concept and quirky branding, so he decides to make an offer. He intends to make his $200,000 investment, but only if it will get him 50% of the company. This was quickly answered by Crane, and O'Leary decided not to invest at all.

meanwhile He tries to lure the rest of the Sharks by saying he has converted a box truck into a mobile home and used it for a promotional tour. Barbara Corcoran tells him that although she enjoys his act, he asks too much and gives up little of his own work. Therefore, she doesn't invest either. Robert Herjavec feels the same way, which is why she hasn't made an offer.

This leaves two sharks in the tank. But Mr. Crane hasn't said much to persuade either party to invest. John says this is simply not a product he is passionate about. That's not something he can really get behind, so he would be a bad person to partner with. John Cuban, on the other hand, admits that Freaker USA's margins are quite large. They'll also get a chance to do some great marketing with the Mavericks. The only problem he sees is that he can't get along with Crane personally. That's why he doesn't make an offer.

So, with all the sharks out of the tank, Crane unfortunately has to walk away from the shark tank with no new investors for his business.

Freaker USA Now in 2018 – After Shark Tank Update

Despite not being able to sign with the Sharks, Zach was not discouraged.he had an unwavering belief
So he refused to let the brand die. And I'm glad he didn't, because Freaker USA products can now be found in unique style boutiques. In addition to that, Zach also started working on his college line of Freaker USA products.

Perhaps one of the biggest side effects of appearing on Shark Tank was that when the owner of Liberty Bottle Works saw Zack use one of his company's bottles during a pitch on the show, he immediately turned to Zack. It was about getting in touch. Liberty Bottleworks is a company known for its 100% recycled aluminum cans, and he thought working with Freaker USA would be a great idea. The owner, Tim Andis, rear Liberty Bottleworks eventually struck a deal with Zack that allowed Freaker USA to make covers for all of its bottles.

This contract was concluded in March 2013, but was ultimately terminated due to misconduct on the part of Liberty. According to some Freaker fans, Liberty has started selling its own copy of the Freaker bottle cover. Of course, Zack could not tolerate this behavior and was forced to cancel the contract.

Since then, Freaker USA has introduced new products to their line. We are selling knit socks with original artwork. Freaker Feet has become very popular among fans of the brand and has only just launched the business further towards success. For more information, please visit our website to view our products.

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