22 clever gifts for beer lovers

Every family gathering involves tons of food, gifts, and, of course, beer. Every family has at least one girlfriend who is a beer lover and will continue to casually drink beer all night long. What gift should I buy this person?

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. From bottle openers to koozies, this list has something for every beer lover. cheers!

1. Insulated growler

The insulated carbonated storage design keeps your beer, cider, or kombucha at peak crispness and bubbly for up to 24 hours. Perfect for master beer drinkers and growler lovers.

Insulated growler, $45

2. Beer cap map

Craft beer enthusiasts can collect caps and proudly show off their quest for the best hops with this handmade beer cap map.

Beer Cap Map of the United States, $16.50

3. Beer Pop Chart

This infographic poster inspires history, graphic design, and vibrant fun.

Beer Pop Charts, $35

4. Bottle Loft

These clever fridge storage strips allow you to hang your bottles in a cool loft above your milk or cheese. Each strip has 3 super strong neodymium magnets. Two strips secure your 6-pack of your favorite beverage bottles to the ceiling of your refrigerator, keeping them close at hand and freeing up space for other food items.

Bottle Loft, $38

5. Corner bottle opener

Open your next beer with the rustic charm of this angled bottle opener. As a bonus, you can place it on top of your bar to accentuate your décor.

Bottle opener, $30

6. Leaf sandals with bottle opener

Perfect for men who love the beach and cold beer. With these sandals, you'll never step on a pop top or go without an opener.

Leaf Fanning, $52

7. Good night beer book

A humorous parody of a masterpiece of children's literature, this book is a “pitcher's book'' for adults. The perfect bedtime story for beer lovers around the world.

Goodnight Brew: A parody for beer lovers, $13.82

8. Susie Cousy Biermit

Keep your hands warm and your beer cold with this ingenious glove for hands and beer.

Suzy Kuzy beer mitt, $16.99

9. Beer making kit

Drinking beer is delicious, but drinking beer made by yourself is something special. Cheers, we won.

Beer Making Kit, Everyday IPA, $39.99

10. Beer label making kit

Create your own beer and accessorize it with your own custom label. This kit includes online software and templates to make the design process as easy as possible.

Nate Beer Label, $15.95

11. Bottle cap string light

This is a great way to make your apartment look more glamorous. Plus, I'm sure people won't judge you for doing this all year long.

Beer Bottle Cap 10 Count String Light, $19.95

12. Beer chiller stick

If you don't have an ice bucket to keep your beer cold, stick this chiller stick into your beer to keep it cold. Basically, these sticks are like having a portable refrigerator.

Beer chiller stick 2 pack, $16.99

13. Beer quote coaster

This 8-pack of coasters includes a variety of humorous beer quotes to keep you entertained when you put down your bottle.

Beer quote coaster, $8.00

14. Beer and Wine Information Guidebook

Have you ever wondered what kind of beer to drink at a lunch meeting, graduation party, etc.? This book introduces you to the best drinks to drink in various situations in your life. Because it's always a good idea to keep your drinks classy.

This requires a drink!, $14.95

15. Mini keg refrigerator and dispenser

When you buy a mini keg and want to keep it cool, you can put it in this mini fridge and it will become the life of the party.

Mini Keg Refrigerator and Dispenser, $189

16. Beer tasting tray

When you want to taste beer yourself and want to give it a luxurious feel.

Beer tasting tray, $19.95

17. Beer Cap Shadow Box

This is the perfect decoration for beer lovers. As you stuff bottle caps into the box, the box will fill up more and more.

Beer Cap Shadow Box, $89

18. Beer charm bracelet

Who said only men can be beer lovers? For women who enjoy a good beer, this bracelet is the perfect accessory as it comes with a charm that doubles as a bottle opener.

Beer charm bracelet, $22

19. Beer aroma booster

Any beer drinker knows that if you let beer sit for a while, it loses its initial distinctive aroma. Just fill this booster with beer, press the button, and watch it work its magic and no longer have that problem.

Beer Scent Booster, $39

20. Beer opener glass

This glass also functions as a bottle opener, allowing you to drink beer more smoothly.

Beer opening glass, $11.99

21. Mini beer pong

If you're tired of sticky red Solo cups, get this mini beer pong kit. The wood finish and slingshot charm make for a more fun, yet grown-up, beer palette.

Mini beer pong, $75

22. Beer jelly

Beer lovers should also try it. This is a beer jelly that incorporates traditional beer ingredients and has a classic jam-like sweetness.

Beer Jelly – Set of 4, $28

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