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Bottle Keeper is a beer koozie on steroids

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Unless you're drinking a pint of uncarbonated “real beer” that's hand-pumped from a keg in a British pub, you probably won't be happy if someone hands you a room-temperature beer. This is especially true during the summer months. There's nothing worse than opening a beer that appears to be ice cold only to discover that it's actually room temperature (or worse, warm). Okay, so you're having trouble finishing your warm beer. Can you imagine how scary that would be?

When you open a beer on a hot summer day, you probably expect it to be ice cold (obviously the perfect temperature for maximum thirst quenching). But what if you spend all day outdoors with no refrigerator in sight? How can you expect your beer to stay cold and cold from one beer to the next? You can also splurge and buy a super insulated heavy duty cooler from RTic or Yeti (and hope the store-bought ice will keep your beer cold for hours). Alternatively, you can spend much less money on BottleKeeper.

What is a bottle keeper? Well, in the simplest terms, it's like a metal koozie that covers the entire beer. You know what a koozie is, right? Most craft beer fans are familiar with koozies, which are insulated neoprene sleeves (the same material as wetsuits) that protect your beer from the heat of your hands. In the game of enjoying cold beer, your hands are your biggest enemy to a day filled with frosty delicious beer. BottleKeeper took Koozy's idea and ran with it. They really ran with it. They ran so far on it that even Forrest Gump would have been tired afterward and he was a “running fool.”

Just like that free koozie you get when you sign up for a credit card under a fake name, BottleKeeper starts with a neoprene sleeve. But it doesn't end there, the sleeve is inside a stainless steel container designed to keep your beer colder for longer. It's extremely lightweight and fits comfortably into any standard cup holder.

Who is it for?

Best use: People who are tired of beer getting warm within minutes of opening it.

To use, simply slide the bottle into the sleeve (fits regular sized bottles). But wait, there's more! Next, attach the “shock-padded” bottom piece with screws. And if you really want to keep your beer safe and cold, there are screw-on caps to completely seal bottles of Hop Stoopid, Arrogant Bastard, and other beers (some bottles are longer than others, so (designed to have a wide range). Have fun on a hot summer day. When you arrive at the lake, the beach, a backyard barbecue, or a friend's front door, simply unscrew the top, remove the cap, and enjoy your blue skis. When finished, unscrew the bottom, take out the beer and put a new soldier in its place. What could be easier?

Is it durable?

We tested durability first because we thought there was no point in testing how long it would keep your beer cold if it couldn't withstand normal wear and tear. I didn't put it behind the rear wheels of my car before backing up, because I knew it wasn't the advertised Nalgene bottle that wouldn't break if hit by a car. That's not the point of this product. If you drop a regular beer bottle in your driveway, even if it's in a regular koozie (which I did), it's likely to break or shatter, leaving you with one less beer to enjoy. You will find yourself in a sad but unenviable situation. However, when I tried the same prank with a beer wrapped in a bottle keeper, the beer did not shatter or explode. Although it was shaking a little, it remained unharmed. I just waited a few minutes before opening to avoid getting my face full of foam and beer.

Reason for being loved

Keeps your beer colder and longer: Now, the ability to keep your beer safe from slippery fingers is definitely a bonus. But the real reason someone would buy this product was to keep beer colder longer. I did a little experiment to figure it out, but this time I may have gone far beyond the usual tests. Once you put your favorite beer into the BottleKeeper, you probably plan on drinking it right away, right? You probably don't put it in, leave it in a hot, humid pouch, and then come back a few hours later to see if the beer is still cold. right.

Well, that's exactly what I did. This is because we wanted to push the limits of BottleKeeper and see what it can actually do. So even if your beer stays cold for hours outdoors, it's safe to assume that if you drink it slowly a few minutes after you take it out of the cooler, it will stay cold and delicious.

After an hour on the porch, I picked up the bottle keeper. To my surprise, it was as cold as the blue ice packs I was warned not to open as a child. Ice packs contain chemicals and don't have the delicious blue raspberry flavor that they look like. When I unscrewed the bottom and removed the bottle, I found that it was still as cold as when I had left it outside an hour earlier. This alone is enough to convince most beer lovers that this product is much better than your favorite koozie. But I never succumbed to the challenge and tightened the screws and returned it to its correct position in the pouch.

When I checked three hours later, the beer wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm. Leaving your Bottle Keeper out in the sun all day and thinking you'll still get a cold beer is clearly not a good idea. That doesn't happen, and it's not what the brand promotes. But after testing it for a few hours, it's clear that the BottleKeeper can keep your bottles cold much longer than a regular old koozie. Regardless of heat or sun effects, if you walk away from your beer with just a simple koozie covering it, chances are you'll come back a few minutes later to find your beer lukewarm or worse. there is. If you leave your BottleKeeper-protected beer outside and come back 30 minutes later, it's probably still ice-cold and ready to enjoy. That's the simple difference.

What's included

The bottle keeper itself. It consists of three different parts: a central section with a neoprene guard, a screw-down bottom, and a screw-down top. Just fill it with beer and screw everything together.


Now that we have all the technical information, does it really work? This shouldn't dissuade you from purchasing this product, but the first downside I noticed about this product is that the first beer you put in the sleeve won't match. That didn't happen. It was no ordinary beer bottle. It was a slightly unusually shaped bottle of Boulevard Brewing Tell-Tale Tart. I realized that his BottleKeeper, which I purchased, doesn't magically fit every 12-ounce bottle ever thought of. Some have unique shapes. But when I tried Ninkasi Brewing Pacific Rain in a regular bottle, it was a perfect fit. Note that in addition to the 12-ounce standard size, Bottle Keeper also has a 12-ounce stubby and, for the thirsty, he also has a 22-ounce bomber.

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