Strongbow's Rosé Hard Cider is Instagrammable in Millennial Pink

Rosé season would last all year if it were up to me, but the calendar seems to have other ideas. Thankfully, warmer weather is just around the corner, and we like to think of the sunny days as the perfect excuse to (unofficially) declare the beginning of a never-ending “rosé all day” gathering. is. You probably have a go-to bottle of your favorite pink wine, but it turns out rosé is more than wine. Strongbow's Rosé Hard Cider is a millennial pink that looks great on Instagram Stories as you cheer on the start of rosé season with friends (if you're 21 and over).

Many people enjoy the slightly sweet taste of rosé when drinking something pink, but the pink color is so beautiful that you can't help but take a photo. Strongbow Rosé Apple is not a rosé wine, but it has a gorgeous bright rosy hue that makes drinking rosé very enjoyable. Rosé Apple is a gluten-free hard cider that retains the colorful beauty of the familiar rosé wine. Plus, you can enjoy Rosé Apple even if you don't have a wine glass handy.

In terms of flavor, the Strongbow website says Rosé Apple boasts a refreshing, light, fruity taste with notes of apple and pear, delivering a sparkling effervescence with sweet and tart flavors. An email from Strongbow says Rosé Apple has 50 percent less sugar than other hard ciders, making it sound like a not-too-sweet drink that's the perfect complement to a sweltering summer day.

In addition to adding great flavor to traditional rosé wines, rosé apples are a picture-perfect pink color, so let everyone know you're soaking up the sun while enjoying a refreshing rosé. Makes you want to take pictures. hard cider. If you're new to hard cider, you may be wondering about the alcohol content of this new sip. Rosé Apple has an alcohol content of 5% (ABV).

Once you've captured all the rosé apple photos your Instagram feed can handle, you can take advantage of drinking your rosé apple from a bottle you already have while keeping it cool in a bottle koozie (no one wants warm rosé! from) ).

Of course, if you don't care about the longevity of the bottle, you can always pour your rosé apple into a glass. You can also enjoy rosé hard cider from his 5.1 oz mini cans of Rosé Apple, available for a limited time. .

If you (like me) are now convinced that spring and summer are completely incomplete without the addition of rosé hard cider, then all you have to do is find out which stores near you offer rosé Just check to see if they sell apple bottles. Depending on where you buy your rosé apples, a six-pack costs between $9 and $11.

In addition to finding stores that sell 6-packs of 11.2 oz bottles of Rosé Apple, you can also use the Locator feature to find nearby restaurants that serve pink Rosé Apple. Ah, the summer Sunday Fundament seems practically made for the combination of brunch and rosé apple.

You may remember that Angry Orchard also recently launched a rosé cider. Rosé hard cider seems to be on a roll right now – and I'm really looking forward to it. Personally, I think there's room in my cooler for all the rosés and rosé ciders I want this summer.

Plus, with rosé cider adding new variety to your rosé world, you can throw the most epic rosé tasting party ever. Cheers with a bottle of rosé apple!

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