This Bottle Holder Keeps Your Beers Colder for Longer

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BottleKeeper Standard 2.0


  • Warm, flat beer is the best way to ruin the fun summer vibes of your outdoor parties this season. The BottleKeeper ($34.99), an insulated beer bottle, fixes this problem. 
  • The patented design keeps your drink colder and carbonated for longer, plus it’s easier to carry around and less susceptible to breakage if you drop your drink.
  • BottleKeeper’s products appeal to anyone who loves to keep cold, refreshing beers flowing all afternoon long — which is a lot of people, considering that the company is on-track to earn over $15 million in revenue in 2018. 

The simple pleasures of spring and summer include fragrant, blooming flowers, clear blue skies, and cold adult beverages consumed as you take these beautiful sights in — preferably from a rooftop. I like drinking beer, but I would like it a lot more if my bottles didn’t get warm within a half-hour of being outside. Now that I think of it, I’ve never heard anyone say, “Yum, I love warm beer!”

At get-togethers and parties, you usually either have to slap an unsophisticated koozie over your bottle (which doesn’t help much), or you’re left drinking warm, flat beer out of a red Solo cup. 

Cousins Adam Callinan and Matt Campbell used their backgrounds as inventors to solve all the frustrations of drinking beer that a simple koozie or party cup fails to solve. Their patented creation, the BottleKeeper, is an insulated bottle that you place your beer bottle inside of to keep it colder and carbonated for a longer period of time. It also has the added benefit of protecting your beer and preventing a mess of broken glass when you commit a party foul and drop your beer. 

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BottleKeeper Standard 2.0


You can expect to see at least a few of these handy bottles at your next summer party. The company is selling 2.5 BottleKeepers per minute through its website and Amazon, and it’s expecting to earn over $15 million in revenue this year, all while remaining self-funded and run by a lean, five-member team. 

At first glance, they look like regular stainless steel water bottles. However, unlike a regular water bottle, the bottom unscrews so you can insert your beer bottle, and the interior walls are lined with a neoprene sleeve. The bottom is also padded for those dreaded drops. The cap contains a bottle opener and has a tether to keep it attached to the bottle at all times. 

The Standard 2.0 BottleKeeper fits most 12 oz. bottles (see the full list of compatible brands here) while the Stubby 2.0 fits the shorter and wider craft beers. The Bomber is for tall 22 oz. bottles.


BottleKeeper Standard 2.0


We tried a couple BottleKeepers out and they really do work. I knew I was satisfied with the Standard 2.0, which I got in purple and is available in a variety of other colors, when I grabbed a beer from our office fridge and it was still deliciously cold after my 40-minute commute home.

The look of the bottle was discreet, and I liked that I could set it down without worrying about it falling over and spilling. Since the cap has a small hole, I could pick it up easily and I didn’t have to hold the entire bottle in my palm all the time. 

On the first warm, sunny day of the season, my roommates and I spent the afternoon on our roof. We soaked in the rays, but my beer didn’t.

YETI offers a similar beer insulator product, but it’s better designed for beer cans rather than bottles. The entire neck of the bottle sticks out of its Rambler Colster whereas the BottleKeeper covers every part of the bottle aside from the mouth. The BottleKeeper has the additional helpful features of a cap, bottle opener, and tether to better transport your beer drinking experience wherever you go. 

Though it can be difficult to tell that you’re drinking a beer from it, the BottleKeeper is not an excuse to drink irresponsibly or illegally. The company notes, “We’re not condoning or recommending that you break the law by using BottleKeeper to drink a beer where you shouldn’t.” 

You should always be drinking responsibly, but the introduction of the BottleKeeper into your life will make the experience more enjoyable and refreshing. For avid beer drinkers, $35 gets you ice-cold beers for many barbecues and parties to come. 

Shop BottleKeepers (Standard 2.0, Stubby 2.0, BottleKeeper X, and Bomber 2.0) starting at $34.99 on the BottleKeeper website here

Shop the BottleKeeper 1.0 for $29.99 at Amazon here

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