Asobi Frosty Beer 2 cups

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Some people drink their beer in one gulp, like a glass of water on a sunny day. Others sip slowly, sipping between conversations. For the latter, a koozie can make your beer that much more enjoyable, by keeping it cold for much longer. And if you're looking for the perfect koozie for this purpose, Asobu's Frosty Beer 2 Go is sure to give you a great time.

This bottle-shaped koozie fits both standard beer bottles and cans, keeping your beer chilled to the last drop. Reviews say the koozie keeps your chilled beer ice cold after 30 minutes, pretty cold after an hour, and stays cold for hours after that, so you can sip your beer for an incredibly long time without having to take a lukewarm sip.

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The Frosty Beer 2 Go is a 3 piece koozie with a bottom section sized to fit a beer can, a middle section sized to cover the top half of a bottle, and a top section that can be used to cover the whole thing when you're not drinking. The bottom unit can be used on its own whether you're drinking from a can or a bottle, as long as you keep your hands away from the exposed bottle so as not to affect the temperature of your drink. If you want to keep your bottle even warmer, just screw on the middle unit and cover the neck, keeping everything safely in place.

Its vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel construction gives it strong insulation comparable to an insulated vacuum bottle, and the rubber seal at the bottom keeps your drink snug and won't move or clank no matter how much you walk around. The neck doesn't seem to have the same insulation as the bottom unit, but this is simply to keep people from touching the bottle, and in most cases the bottom unit alone will be sufficient.

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The Frosty Beer 2 Go's top has silicone sides that gently cover your bottle when you're not drinking, and a bottle opener on top of the unit makes it easy to open a fresh bottle. You probably won't need another bottle opener, but it's included just in case.

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It's designed for beer lovers, but of course it can be used with other sodas, juices, and other drinks that come in cans or bottles like most commercial beer brands use. It comes in four colors — black, silver, copper, and camo — so you can stock up on a few and they won't all look the same. For now, it only comes in one size, so if you want your drinks in a variety of container sizes, you're better off looking elsewhere.

“Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go” is now on sale.

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