Why $25 beer koozies are the best

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Owen Burke/Business Insider

  • Hydro Flask's 12-ounce cooler cup fits in “a wide variety of cans and bottles” (if not most) and functions as a regular beverage cup.
  • Comes with a silicone sleeve to keep canned and bottled drinks colder for longer. The silicone sleeve also acts as a non-slip coaster when used as a drink cup.
  • I left the chilled can on the table for 12 hours and returned to the refreshing cold drink after work. This is the reason why I was sold.

Who among you has an old, rickety neoprene koozie that you've been using for years to show your hands?

Of those who raised their hands, how much would you bet that it is not contaminated with bacteria or fungi and is better suited for scientific experiments than soft drinks?

No matter what you answer, is it really worth the risk?

Hydro Flask's new 12 oz cooler cup is made from professional grade steel, like most modern double wall vacuum insulated cups and water bottles, but this one is the simplest and most elegant one I've found. Versatile and has the best temperature retention. One of them.

hydro cooler cup 2

Owen Burke/Business Insider

What sets Hydro Flask cooler cups apart from others is the silicone sleeve, which provides a secure fit for any 12-ounce can. It also works with most bottles, although they are a little less stable (but be careful with slim bottles). In fact, I've found that 12-ounce cans maintain temperature best.

In the process of testing the cooler cup, I took the beer out of the fridge, left it on the coffee table for an entire day, and when I got home a little over 12 hours later it was almost (if not exactly) as cold as the beer. I realized that. It was when I left it alone.

Another thing I tried to do was to show a little bit of abuse and kick things around a little bit. I also (accidentally) dropped it into the still smoldering ashes. I scrubbed it a little, but it came out shiny. (Author's note: The photo you see was taken after the abuse.)

It's also worth noting (though admittedly nothing special) that it doesn't contain BPA or phthalates, so you don't have to feel uncomfortable putting your mouth on it or putting it near it. While the cup itself may not be dishwasher safe, the silicone sleeve is. It may not be very convenient when used as a cocktail glass, but it's a great way to keep a nice protective layer near the rim of your cup. your can. Otherwise, let's be honest here, who the hell would wash a koozie? It's really terrible. Cooler Cup also gives you the opportunity to alleviate that little problem (even if you've never thought of it).

hflask cup cooler 3

Owen Burke/Business Insider

And I must add that cooler cups serve as a great replacement for cocktail glasses (or coffee mugs, but you have to buy the lid separately).

Hydro Flask also offers bright, festive colors like watermelon and pacific. Don't worry, we also have monotonous and secret friends, olive, graphite, and of course black.

Strong Points: Versatile, stylish and nearly indestructible

Cons: It won't fit every bottle on the market (but I'm not sure if it will fit every koozie). Lid not included (sold separately).

Buy Hydro Flask 12oz Cooler Cup by Hydro Flask for $24.95

Buy (compatible) 10 oz insulated wine tumbler lid for $7.50.

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