Deal: You need a Hawaiian shirt that holds beer.Luckily these are on sale

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At first glance, it looks like a modern, slim-fit Hawaiian shirt made with a soft, breathable terry cloth lining that you'll want to get your hands on before summer ends, but that's only half wrong. .

California-based apparel brand California Cowboy (Howdy) has created High Water – Bird of Paradise, a much-anticipated update to everyone’s favorite summer shirt. Designed with the goal of “cultivating true friendships between people,” this Hawaiian shirt is packed with features to make socializing a little easier. This is just a nice way to say this shirt will help you get drunk.

In addition to being a sharp-looking Hawaiian shirt, the High Water features a water-resistant dry pocket to protect your phone, a bottle opener, and, you guessed it, a collapsible koozie that fits snugly into your koozie pocket. I am. It also includes a double-needle reinforced bottle pocket, so you always have emergency cold medicine with you.

And since it's on sale, there's no need to wear any other aloha shirt to your next barbecue.

The High Water – Birds of Paradise, White Sand

The High Water – Birds of Paradise, Black

The High Water – Birds of Paradise, Farallon Navy

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