Arguments for owning a koozie

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In an age where you can waste hours watching minimalists clean out their closets on YouTube, a foam sleeve designed to cover a LaCroix feels like the ultimate junk. You should have a capsule wardrobe rather than a separate wardrobe for drinks.

Still, I'm here to advocate Koozy.

In this modern era, all our items must be precious, well-designed, and hand-picked by Scandinavian monks. Koozy is clearly not this. It is made of bubbles that are not found in nature. And it's random that it appears in your life.intentionally few people buy Koozy. Rather, your drawer is filled with memorabilia from a charity 5K you (once) did or a dog walk sponsored by Vitamin Water.

But koozies with artificial glory must be purchased with purpose. Here's why:

Koozies keep things cool and warm!

Koozies work great and keep your drinks cold. Like the old Styrofoam cups that take millions of years to decompose in a landfill, these strange compounds have the magical ability to keep drinks cold for hours.

I'm no beverage cooling scientist, but imagine how vindicated I felt when my internet research led me to an actual scientific study from the University of Washington proving the effectiveness of koozies. please. First, researchers found that relative humidity plays a bigger role in heating a cold drink than overall temperature. Humidity contributes to the latent heat produced when condensation forms on the outside of the can. They discovered that koozies not only insulate drinks from heat, but also keep them cold because they prevent moisture (and thus latent heat) from collecting on the outside of the can.

what's that? Are you not as passionate about cold drinks as I am? You might want to invest in a koozie anyway. The benefit of koozies is that they keep your hands cool while keeping your drinks cold. warm.

A koozie is a coaster for drinks.

I had never thought of using coasters in my house until I met my friends Adam and Liz. Every time I invite my friends over for dinner, they give me a koozie with a beer or a LaCroix.

Part of the reason is because they're really nice people who care about you, your health, and the coldness of your drinks. But that's also because they're meticulous housekeepers who are deathly afraid of drink rings on their stylish furniture.

This is another advantage of koozie. You can carry it around like a coaster. You don't have to trust your friend to grab something from the pile on your coffee table when you're home. Even if you're an irresponsible socialite like Adam or Liz (like me) who cares little about the condition of the furniture, just hand over the drinks and add a koozie and you're good to go.

Koozie is a vibe

As an exasperated representative of the Millennial generation, let me say that part of Kooji's appeal to me is its retro feel. (Is it still cool to say “vibes”? Millennials are old enough, I don't know.) When I think of koozies, I think of wearing neon pink and green travellers, and the disgusting water at my house on the lake. I remember floating in it while drinking beer. In other words, it reminds us of vacations and our youth. And if an object can do it all, maybe it's worth cluttering your home. Take that and put it in your koozie, Kondo.

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