Drink Sam Adams like Grandma Jean, she knows about good beer

Grandma Jean celebrated her 95th birthday with a special Sam Adams. Every birthday is a reason to celebrate, but turning 95 is a big deal. Luckily, this woman from Wisconsin had a special beer on hand to toast another candle on her birthday cake.

In recent months, people are always looking for happy and entertaining stories. In a world that seems forever stuck in a Groundhog Day scenario, feel-good moments can make anyone smile.

Grandma Jean from Wisconsin recently celebrated her 95th birthday. Her family, who were huge fans of Sam Adams Boston Lager, reached out to the company for something special to mark the occasion. The beer brand delivered in a big way.

Grandma Jean has been enjoying Boston Lager every day for 36 years. Add these numbers together and Grandma Jean drank over 13,000 beers. No one is saying Boston Lager is the fountain of youth, but for Wisconsin residents, drinking a beer a day can do some good.

To celebrate, Sam Adams has created a custom Grandma Jean Boston Lager pack. Watch this video of Grandma Jean drinking beer.

With years of beer drinking experience in her life, Grandma Jean developed a special 7-step method for enjoying the perfect Boston Lager.

Here are Grandma Jean's rules for enjoying the perfect Boston Lager

  1. take the bottle out of the fridge
  2. put the bottle in the freezer
  3. set timer for 10 minutes
  4. remove beer from freezer
  5. Fill your koozie with beer (preferably your favorite sports team)
  6. Please repeat 1-2 times and enjoy
  7. Always have an extra 12-pack on hand

When we think about these seven rules, we applaud Grandma Jean and her explanations. A good koozie, preferably a Packers koozie, is a must-have in our world. No one wants to drink a warm beer.

Second, it's essential to always have extra beer on hand. You never know when a friend, neighbor, or random person will need a cold drink. Hospitality is the foundation of a great Midwest city.

Finally, it's hard to drink just one beer. A ballpark number of 2, 4, or maybe 6 makes sense when the Packers go into overtime. One is a lonely number, but life in the Midwest is anything but lonely.

Cheers to Grandma Jean. Thank you for giving me tips on how to drink beer. We look forward to preparing an ice-cold Sam Adams Boston Her Lager in your honor.

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