Palace's Cîroc vodka bottle comes with its own mini puffer coat

The essential down coat of 2020 is not just for you, but for your favorite Russian spirit.

Palace releases its second special edition bottle of Ciroc vodka. The British streetwear brand has outdone itself by creating a tiny down coat that doubles as a koozie. Down fill, reflective 3M details, and a zipper combine to create a look that's said to be “inspired by rap music,” making the miniature an authentic Partex puffer and the coolest way to keep your vodka cold. It's a method.

The campaign is perfect — Given how great Palace's irreverent (and largely irrelevant) product descriptions are, it's no surprise that the promotional video was disqualified. A video posted to the two partners' Instagram accounts teases a close-up shot of an orange puffer fish, with a sultry voice advertising it as a signal that “there's a party going on here.” It is being uttered. Eventually, the Cîroc brand appears and the camera zooms out to reveal the coat on a vodka bottle.

The bottle itself has double branding and a graphic of a palace angel holding up a “P” for palace. Perhaps the bottle and blowfish will be bundled together as a package deal, but so far Palace has only said that both will be released through Cîroc's website.

Palace and Ciroc were first linked in 2017 when a vodka bottle was released that featured a repeat of the Palace logo. Drinking or not, many of them are probably still lining the shelves of his 20-something hypebeasts around the world.

Not for children — My favorite result of this collaboration is: hype beast felt it necessary to post a disclaimer covering that while discouraging underage drinking. This message is an implicit acknowledgment that streetwear is child's play that many adults still participate in, and that all of us of drinking age should admit that it's stupid.

The vodka and its insulation accessories are released exclusively via Cîroc's website, presumably to prevent children from purchasing them. Please show up on December 2nd with your ID. Provided supplies last long enough to check out, you can make the coat your own. Soon after, you'll see the puffer fish itself put up for sale on various resale platforms, where underage children will no doubt be scooping it up.

Will they put it on bottles of alcohol they illegally obtained, or on something more innocuous like bowling pins? Who knows, but Palace and Ciroc can avoid liability.

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