Best Motorcycle Drink Holder (Purchasing Guide) 2021

Advantages of motorcycle drink holder

  • Hydration. A drink holder on your handlebars keeps your favorite beverage within reach so you can stay hydrated on long rides. Dehydration can occur on long rides and in the hot sun, and having to keep stopping for drinks can be a pain. It comes with a cup holder so you can continue riding while drinking.
  • Convenience. You can store your drinks in your saddlebag. However, this only works if it is in a sealed container. A cup holder makes it convenient to carry soda cans and coffee mugs.
  • Appearance. The cup holder is front and center on the handlebar mount, so why not choose one that makes a statement? Show chrome looks beautiful and enhances the look of your bike.

Types of motorcycle drink holders


Chrome cup holders tend to be the most popular choice for Harley-Davidson owners. It's stylish and flashy. Some are completely chrome, while others only have chrome trim. If you need chrome, look for a high quality one. Some lower-quality models have a chrome-like finish on the plastic.


If you're concerned about metal corrosion, a polycarbonate cup holder may be more appealing. These cup holders are made from composite materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. If you're looking for something affordable and functional, polycarbonate can be a smart addition to your bike.


This third type of cup holder comes in a variety of fabrics, including leather and mesh. The mesh can accommodate drinks of different sizes. However, there is no heat retention such as mesh. Leather provides some insulation, but moisture from sweating drinks can cause the leather to stiffen over time.

top brands


Founded in 1989, Kuryakyn has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality motorcycle accessories. Its product line includes items that can be installed throughout the bike, from cup holders to exhausts. The Kuryakyn Passenger Armrest Drink Holder is a quality investment.

cruiser caddy

Cruiser Cuddy, with operations in Nettleton, Mississippi, and Metuchen, New Jersey, was born out of two motorcycle riders' frustration with throwing away half-finished drinks. The company has a line of attractive and affordable cup holders. Check out the Kruzer Kustom Kaddy Chrome Skull Motorcycle Cup Holder for your motorcycle.

RAM mount

Most people know about RAM mounts for cell phone holders. Its product line is much larger and features mounting solutions for a variety of motorcycle accessories. Founded in 1995, RAM has expanded its product line to approximately 5,000 mounts. Try the RAM Level Cup XL 32oz Drink Holder with Ball Mount for your bike.


Based in Hudson, Wisconsin, Ciro manufactures a wide range of cruiser accessories. This small American company focuses on creating bicycle accessories with an attitude of creating a unique look while delivering functionality. Check out the Ciro Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated and Rubber for a stylish cup holder for your bike.

Founded in 1999 by Bill “Barefoot Willie” Fowler, Barefoot Willies makes handlebar-mounted drink holders. The most famous is the “Cool Rider” holder. Bill and the entire team's goal is to create useful accessories for everyday cyclists. Please try the motorcycle cup holder “Cool Rider”.

motorcycle drink holder price

  • Less than $25. These are the simplest form of cup holders and are usually made of plastic. It uses minimal materials and features a common threaded clamp to make it a versatile drink holder.
  • $25 to $50. Most cup holders fall into this range. You'll find more material options, including chrome and polycarbonate. Handlebar attachments are adjustable or size-specific.
  • $50 to $80. Cup holders in this series tend to have more features and fancier handlebar attachments. Sometimes more than one type of material is used. Made of high quality materials, it is highly durable.

Main features


Cup holders come in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, polycarbonate, chrome, fabric, and leather. The material you choose will be based on your bike's aesthetics, your budget, handlebar space, and the drinks you plan on carrying. Plastic and polycarbonate cup holders are durable, but can become brittle in the sun. Metal cup holders are durable, but they get pretty hot in the sun.

mounting attachment

Most cup holders attach by wrapping around the handlebar using a round clamp. Some cup holders come with mounting plate brackets and mounting bolts. If you are looking for a non-permanent option, using a clamp is a smarter choice. You can loosen and adjust the clamp or remove it as needed.


These cup holders attach to your handlebars, so you need to consider the amount of space you have. Some bicycles have very limited space available. Measure both the diameter and width around the handlebar to ensure the clamp will fit. You also need to consider which side you want to put it on. If mounted on the right side, you will have to take your hands off the throttle or reach into your crossbody to get a drink while riding.

Other considerations

  • size. Think about the size of the drink you want to carry. Don't buy a smaller holder for your water bottle if you plan on carrying a large coffee mug for travel. Similarly, if you want to carry your water bottle with you, don't buy the largest holder on the market. It falls over and is not fixed in the holder.
  • Adjustability. Adjustability is important if you're not sure what size drink you want to carry, or if you want to change your mind freely. Look for drink holders that can be resized to securely hold small to large drinks.
  • quick release. Bolting a cup holder to your bike can be more permanent than you'd like. You can look for cup holders that have quick-release levers. This allows you to add or remove holders as needed. It usually has a lever or screw that clamps around the handlebar and tightens by hand.

Best Motorcycle Drink Holder Reviews and Recommendations 2021

This chrome plated cup holder looks great and matches the chrome look your bike already has. Comes with reversible mounting studs. This allows it to be mounted in either a fixed or pivoted position.

This cup holder has wide compatibility and can be used on motorcycles with a wide range of handlebar sizes. Comes with two liners for a custom, secure fit.

However, the chrome plating does not make this cup holder weatherproof. In other words, there is a risk of rusting if it gets wet. It also fits snugly around your drink, which can make it difficult to remove it.

This cup holder uses chrome for the main mounting hardware and top main frame. It has rubber fingers so it can hold any size drink. The lower half of the holder is made of cloth mesh material.

Available in chrome or gloss black, you're sure to match your bike. This cup holder is manufactured by Kuryakyn, a well-known brand in the motorcycle industry. A reputation for quality means this cup holder is built to last.

Cost is a big bottleneck when purchasing this cup holder. It's definitely more expensive than other cup holders on the market. There are also restrictions on how you can attach it to your bike. It can only be mounted at certain angles, so it may not be compatible with your bike.

The Ciro drink holder is a great option for a variety of bikes, including 1982 and newer Harley-Davidsons with clutch or brake perch mounts. Also works on some Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Indian models. Features left and right control perch mounts with vertical bolt spacing from 1 1/16″ to 1 11/16″, bolts included. This neoprene rubber and chrome-plated drink holder can secure nearly any type of bottle, can, or cup and features a contoured rubber net. It can also be adjusted using the Ciro ball mount, and the inner ring is lined with rubber to minimize vibration. Plus, contact with the finish won't scratch your bike.

While it may seem a bit pricey for a drink holder, it's very easy to install and looks great, making it a great option for long-distance riders. I like that I don't lose the ability to hold heavy cups in the position I initially set them to.

The biggest drawback of this product is its price. It also doesn't work well in a 30oz Yeti cup.

Kemimoto bar cup holders are so versatile that they can be used on motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, wheelchairs, and more. Available in three colors, it features a 360-degree adjustable aluminum mounting clamp with a non-slip grip to securely hold your drink. The cup holder is easy to install and has non-slip pads so it won't damage your bike. Made of 600D Oxford fabric and plastic rather than metal, it can withstand the elements without rusting or corroding.

The holder has an adjustable drawstring that can hold a variety of bottles and cups, from soda cans to coffee mugs, stainless steel bottles, and Yeti cups. It also has two mesh pockets to store items like your phone, sunglasses, and keys. Additionally, it features a bottom drain to prevent water from accumulating, making it easy to clean and install.

However, it can move around a bit on the handlebars, especially if your bike vibrates a lot. Also, since there is only one screw attached to the clamp, it may move if it hits a step.


  • A good cup holder doesn't have to just hold drinks. You can store various things that are convenient for driving, such as food. It can also be used to store your mobile phone or as a temporary waste disposal unit.
  • Cup holders come with a variety of mounting systems. It's best to buy one that fits securely and is easy to install and remove. However, if you remove it too easily, it may be stolen.
  • Some cup holders can accommodate additional devices such as a tablet, GPS, or phone mount for your smartphone. Remember to pay attention to the road when using these devices while driving.


Q: Why do I need a drink holder on my bike?

Many bicycles do not have saddlebags. Also, finding a place to buy drinks can be inconvenient on long trips. Comes with a cup holder so you can grab a drink when you're thirsty.

Q: Where is the best place to install the bike's drink holder?

Most motorcycle cup holders are mounted on the handlebars for easy access and convenience. However, many can be installed in different areas of the motorcycle, such as the clutch or brake perch.

Q: What is the best material for motorcycle drink holders?

Drink holders are available in a variety of materials, including polycarbonate, stainless steel, plastic, and chrome. Each has its benefits, so it's best to get the one that suits your requirements.

final thoughts

Our pick for the best bike drink holder is the Kruzer Daddy 200. Not only does it look great, but it can easily accommodate drinks of various sizes.

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