Vine'yl Anthems pairs music and wine for an Iowa businesswoman.

One day a few years ago, Brandi Ubben was driving home from work, listening to rock music on the radio and thinking about having a glass of wine later. This gave him the idea to combine his two passions, and the result was the creation of Vine'yl Anthems, a rock 'n' roll-themed wine company whose products now line the shelves of several stores in central Iowa. Masu.

“I was driving home after work. I'm a graphic designer by trade, and I thought, 'I need someone to combine my love of wine with rock and roll.' I was there. And I thought, 'Why can't I do that? ’,” Ubben said.

The idea made her dizzy and she started researching it.

“I realized there was a way to do this,” she said. “We had to get the right licenses and establish our brand. There are a lot of different rules and regulations, so we had to make sure we were compliant, but slowly and surely it will take care of itself. did.”

Vine'yl Anthems started about a year ago, but it's been in Ubben's mind for several years. During that time, Ubben fine-tuned the idea and found California vineyards to collaborate with.

“There are so many wines out there that you can brand yourself, so we took the time to find some great wines,” Ubben said.

The coronavirus pandemic was the catalyst for her decision to start a business.

“If it wasn’t for COVID, I don’t know if I would have pulled the trigger because I was just worrying about it,” she said. “I thought, if I don’t try, I won’t know if I’ll be successful.”

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Vine'yl Anthems wines are named after 80's rock songs

Ubben currently has four varieties, with two more in development.

“We have reds, sweet whites, rosés and dry whites,” she said. “I thought it was a good balance to choose these players from the beginning. They basically have something to suit everyone's taste. The other two I'm working on are probably different. red and perhaps another white.”

Nothin' But a Good Wine is a sweet white, Sippin' on a Prayer is a dry white, Knockin' on Heaven's Noir is a red blend, and Poor Some Vino on Me is a rosé. is.

“You know, ’80s rock bands are my go-to jam,” Uben said with a laugh.

Bottles of Vine'yl Anthems wine can be found at Fairways in Jewel Market.

Vine'yl Anthems wines are currently available in eight stores.

“I'm a marketer, not a salesperson, so I'm surprised that my wines are sold in so many places,” she said. “It's beneficial to have good relationships with people. It's helped us get our wines on the shelves.”

Ubben's high school friend Galen Zanker was happy to list Vinyl Anthems' wines at Jewel's Jewel Market. Dave Mikkelsen and Marlin Farris stocked Ubben's wines on shelves in Huxley's fairway. Vine'yl Anthems is also located at Fairway locations in Polk City, Clive, and Johnston, Nevada, as well as both locations in Ankeny.

In addition to wine, Vinyl Anthem also sells T-shirts, wine glasses, signs, coasters, magazines and other merchandise at Huxley's Local Supply Company, of which Ubben is one of the owners.

“The diary is made out of vinyl albums,” Ubben says. And we're also working on a wine bottle koozie and some bottle stoppers with an Iowa license plate theme.

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A love of rock and roll in the family

Ubben loves wine and music in general, but especially rock and roll. It's a sense of gratitude that runs in her family.

“My father had a side job as a DJ in the ’80s,” she said. “My sisters and I often went to wedding receptions in small towns with him. We danced all night and had so much fun.”

Her father was also a collector of record albums and at one point had a collection of approximately 10,000 record albums. That musical influence led Ubben and her sisters to appreciate music in general.

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Originally from Jewell, Ubben and his family have lived in Huxley for about 15 years.

“We chose to settle in Huxley because we have a small-town feel, and the location is great because it’s between Ames and Des Moines,” she said.

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