How to keep canned beer cold in style

The specs are impressive.

An eye-catching combination of colors with triple-layer vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction and easy-grip silicone sleeves that are replaceable, washable, and reusable.

But the bottom line is this BevChiller Shorty from Kelowna-based COOLIQ will keep canned beer cold for up to 12 hours.

</who>The BevChiller Shorty is custom designed to hold beer cans snugly and keep them cold for up to 12 hours.  ” class=”img-responsive” src=”” style=”margin: 5px;”/></p>
<p>“COOLIQ already features the original BevChiller, which keeps standard 12-ounce beer bottles cold,” said company owner and designer Michael Macdonnell.</p>
<p>“But people started asking for the same thing in cans, so we launched BevChiller Shorty.”</p>
<p>The BevChiller Shorty is already on sale at for $34.</p>
<p>BevChiller for bottles is $32.</p>
<p>The world is full of beer koozies, but the cheap ones, especially those made of fabric and foam with promotional logos, do little to keep your favorite drink cold for long.</p>
<p>“Our focus is on triple-insulated stainless steel bottle and can holders that keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours,” says McDonnell.</p>
<p>“We also specialize in custom-fitting bottles and cans.”</p>
<p><img alt=The BevChiller Shorty is available in a variety of color combinations. ” class=”img-responsive” src=”” style=”margin: 5px;”/>

The silicone sleeve is removable so the cooler easily fits into your cup holder.

The cooler can also be used as a cup to pour drinks directly into.

All of these features make the BevChiller cooler worth its $34 and $32 premium prices, according to McDonnell.

</who>Young entrepreneur Michael McDonnell owns and operates COOLIQ.  ” class=”img-responsive” src=”” style=”margin: 5px;”/></p>
<p>This may be the off-season for keeping your beer cold and the accompanying boating, beaches, ball games, and backyard barbecues.</p>
<p>But McDonnell is actually launching the BevChiller Shorty now for the southern U.S. market (COOLIQ is primarily an e-commerce business, after all), as a stocking stuffer gift idea and for the inevitable hot Okanagan summer. He says now is the best time to prepare.</p>
<p>In fact, it was on a scorching summer day in 2020 that McDonnell came up with the idea for BevChiller.</p>
<p>He was wakesurfing on Okanagan Lake with friends and it was warm when he returned for a beer.</p>
<p>Something drastic had to be done and COOLIQ's BevChiller was born.</p>
<p>McDonnell, 24, graduated from Kelowna High School and earned a degree in business administration from UBC Okanagan.</p>
<p>He worked as a project manager at Telus for two years before leaving it to focus full-time on COOLIQ and BevChiller.</p>
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