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24 Best Beer Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

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Everyone has at least one friend who is obsessed with beer. For those of you who got so hooked that you ditched your crappy college beer and went straight to craft beers like double IPAS, fruit sours, and pastry stouts, you get the idea, too. Some beer drinkers are picky. So getting them a six-pack (or a regular four-pack of craft beer) can seem a bit daunting. Instead, have something similar to beer. Whether it's a way to make your own beer without taking over the bathtub with a device that actually lets you drink beer in the bathtub, these beer gifts are sure to be appreciated by beer lovers. hopping For pleasure.

lamp beer blanketRumple

How cozy is a beer blanket? Most koozies are just about anything, but Rumple has raised the bar by turning their excellent camping blanket into a koozie.


Hackberry x Coors Banquet Corduroy Hat

When it comes to raw beer, it's hard to beat Coors Banquet (and if it comes in a stubby bottle, game over). A recent collaboration with Huckberry and Banquet offered several unique pieces that quickly sold out. This corduroy hat is still in stock for some reason.

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