Hardee's collaborates on biscuit beer

Hardee's may seem like your typical fast food burger joint, but a closer look at the numbers reveals something surprising. The chain sells a surprising amount of biscuits. According to the brand, Hardee's Made From Scratch Biscuits account for more than 31% of its total sales in the past 18 months and sell more than 300 million biscuits annually.

Now, in celebration of National Biscuit Month on September 1, Hardee's is offering customers a way to experience biscuits like never before. It involves drinking biscuits in the form of beer.

Hardee's, which bills itself as “the first quick-service restaurant to participate in the development of biscuit-flavored beer,” teamed up with Nashville's Southern Grist Brewing to create the 200-pound Hardee's Made From Scratch. Developed an infused Strawberry Biscuit Ale. Biscuit. The resulting 5.2 percent ABV cream ale has subtle flavors of strawberry jam and buttermilk, and is said to be perfect for sipping “all day long,” including “in the morning while enjoying your favorite Hardee's breakfast menu.” ing. Apparently, Hardee's is aiming for this.

”[Southern Grist approaches] “We're brewing with the same mad scientist mentality we use for new menu launches, and we know how to deliver flavor,” said Owen, vice president of global culinary innovation at Hardee's parent company CKE Restaurants.・Mr. Klein stated. Grist nailed it. A great crushable beer with subtle aromas of freshly baked biscuits, buttermilk, and strawberry jelly. All it took was a few hundred pounds of made-from-scratch biscuits. ”

Meanwhile, Southern Grist seemed to hint that things weren't that way. that easy. The brewery said it took “months of planning and trial runs” to get the beer's six ingredients just right: grain, hops, yeast, water, strawberry puree and biscuits.

“Southern Grist has developed over 900 different flavor profiles since our founding in 2016, but we've never had a biscuit-infused beer before, so when we were approached by Hardee's, we definitely wanted to We were intrigued,” added Jared Welch, the brewery’s co-founder and production manager. We really enjoyed this partnership, combined with the fact that we're both Nashville-based brands known for innovation, and thought we could offer something special to both of our guests, and indeed we did. did!”

Unfortunately, while Hardee's sells biscuits in more than 1,700 stores across the United States, finding beer isn't as easy. Strawberry Biscuit Ale is available only at the Southern Grist Brewing Company Taproom in Nashville or by direct delivery to select markets nationwide. For more information, visit StrawberryBiscuitAle.com.

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