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IIf you're reading this, there's a good chance you have a junk drawer overflowing with can coolers. Maybe it's the logo of a sports team or bank branch, the mascot or motto of an obscure bar in town, the sentiment of a milestone birthday immortalized in cracking ink on a foamy fabric, or the names of two people. You may have a designated “koozie bag” filled with beer sleeves. They got married in 2014 and are currently divorced.

The inexplicable but undeniable human urge to collect canned koozies and hold on to them for years exists, no matter how much you've already acquired or how stupid the koozies are. With spring cleaning in full swing and the perfect day of outdoor drinking approaching, we wanted to help people reduce or improve their koozie collection during an all-new event we're calling for. “Great Milwaukee can do a Koozy Swap.”

Anyone 21 years or older is invited to bring their Koozie collection on Saturday, May 13th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. promise (538 W. National Ave.) to try some deals. We plan to set up several tables around the Walker's Point bar/venue to act as an impromptu marketplace where people can broker deals for beer sleeves. Buy a koozie! Let's sell koozies! Let's exchange koozies! At The Great Milwaukee Can Koozie Swap, anything at least directly related to can coolers is OK. There's also a microphone on the stage, where people can drum up interest in their favorite pieces (or you can ask us to play auctioneer). Would you like to have your collection appraised? of course! Why not?

But that's not all! We're giving away freebies to the first 200 people through the door free can koozie The distinctive logo of bush light (Official sponsor of the first year event) milwaukee records Moreover. This koozie is a popular item!Please show it to the bartender at Promise. Anytime between May 13th and July 4th Get $1 off a can of Busch Light. That's almost two months' worth of a $2 can of Busch Light.

There is no cover This can be done with a Koozy swap meet. Learn more about the Great Milwaukee Can Coogee Swap. Actually, I don't have any more information to share. Bring a koozie and beer money to Promise on Saturday, May 13th and let’s make a deal!

Busch Light Features Promise Great Milwaukee Can Koozy Swap

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