Sarah Huckabee Sanders launches a series of anti-trans beer koozies, and the response is exactly as expected

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Featuring Blue Beer Koozie Quotes "real woman"

Before we start, I need to clarify that no, this is not a joke. This is completely 100% serious.

In response to the whole Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light controversy, Politico Nepo babe Sarah Huckabee Sanders over the weekend praised “real women” and criticized other transphobic Republican female governors. Launched the only line of beer koozies featuring transphobia.

Yesterday, Sanders shared an ad for a beer koozie on his official Twitter page with the caption: “Real women don't have to fake it.

This video is one of those things you just have to see to believe.

“Big companies can no longer tell the difference between real and fake,” the ad says. “We'll see a difference.”

In the ad, the beer koozies “hide the label of woke big business” with backyard barbecues, tailgating events, and cross-burnings, while at the same time allowing transphobia to “pay homage to real women in politics.” It is said that it is useful because it helps.

Sanders followed up his first tweet with, “We like our beer cold and we like it to wake us up.”

The beer koozies are sold in packs of two for $15 each on Sanders' website, with proceeds going to Sanders' campaign committee. And the reaction, well, probably not quite what she expected, but exactly what you'd expect.

Let’s take a look…

Since taking office in January, Sanders has made attacks on LGBTQ+ people one of his top priorities as head of the nation's fourth-poorest state.

One of her first acts as governor was to ban state agencies from using the gender-neutral term “Latino.” She followed that up by signing a “Don't Tell Me I'm Gay” law that bans teachers from talking about gender identity or sexual orientation in the classroom, a law regulating which bathrooms trans students and teachers can use in schools, and He also signed a law requiring only teachers to take action. Students whose pronouns are listed on their birth certificate.

But Sanders isn't the only right-winger looking to profit from Bud Light as a whole.

Seth Weathers, CEO of two right-wing lifestyle brands, Freedom Speaks Up and Conservative Body, recently released an ad that's almost as ridiculous (but not quite) as the one released by the state of Arkansas. So he started his own brand of beer, “Wake Free'' beer company. Governor.

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