Yeti Colster Can Cooler Insulator Review

I love koozies. Whenever I crack open a drink, I wrap it in a koozie to keep it cold longer. My obsession with cold drinks can be attributed to my constant testing of insulated water bottles, but my aversion to warm beer could be another culprit.

I'm not sure why, but I have a collection of koozies stuffed in a drawer that never seems to stop growing. However, I tried the Yeti Colster Can Insulator and it works great and can replace the entire can cover you have in your drawer.

New favorite way to keep cans cold

Anyone using a koozie should replace it with a Yeti Colster can insulator. It's the only insulation I'll be using from now on, as it will keep your drinks cold much longer than a regular koozie.

I'm always scouring the internet for interesting and cheap items, and Koozies are no exception. There are lots of cute and funny things you can put cans (flannel from Puffin Drinkwear) in, but when she noticed that Yeti had can insulation, she knew she had to try it. Ta.

It's no secret that Yeti has a reputation for making great products, from water bottles to coolers. So I wanted to find out if the Colster Can Insulator is as convenient, practical, and effective as Yeti's other products. Spoiler alert: Yes.

First things first: The Yeti Colster Can Insulator is great for keeping your drinks cold. I threw the can in there right after I took it out of the fridge, and it stayed crisp and cold the entire time I drank it. This is fine for regular koozies, but I always find the drink to be near room temperature in the last few sips. It's different from the Yeti. It uses the same technology as this brand's insulated water bottles, so my cans stayed cold for a long time and I don't think I'll ever go back to other koozies.

In addition to great insulation, the Colster Can Insulator comes in 11 different colors and can also be customized with all kinds of designs, text, and logos for a few extra dollars. The insulation also comes in a variety of sizes, so you can fit taller cans for larger drinks or slimmer cans for seltzer. The standard 12-ounce Colster I tested fits perfectly into regular beer or soda cans. Although it's not as big as a can, it can also fit a bottle.

If you're using a koozie, it's time to upgrade. After testing the Yeti Colster Can Insulator, I can confidently say that it's the best way to keep canned drinks cold that I've ever tried. This is my new favorite koozie, and it can be yours too for just $25.

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