6 Best Koozies and Can Coolers of 2024

Whether it's the hot summer months or the surprisingly warm days of spring or fall, koozies are a staple drink outside for serious beer, cider, and soda connoisseurs. Even if you have the best ice-filled cooler, your drinks will start sweating as soon as you get a new cooler. The koozie keeps ice cold even longer, eliminates the dreaded draft beer, and doubles as a sweat-proof drink holder.

From packable neoprene sleeves to double-walled, vacuum-insulated styles, a quality koozie is a great investment. There are countless varieties available these days, but we've done all the work to collect the best for all your warm-weather drinking needs. These are the perfect koozies to keep your hands dry and your drinks always cold.

BrüMate Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1 Insulated Can Cooler for 12oz / 16oz Cans + Lid 100% Leak Proof Tumbler | Can Koozie Insulated Cans for Beer, Soda, Energy Drinks (OD Green)


BruMate has perfected the art of convertible hard-sided koozies. The Hopsulator Trio is a 3-in-1 can cooler designed to fit standard 12oz cans and tall 16oz cans. A copper layer of insulation and a freezable ice pack that supports 12-ounce cans keep your drinks 20 times cooler than a standard koozie. Twist-lock gasket allows you to easily insert and remove cans without slipping when drinking cans.

The new Muv collection includes a locking lid that turns your cooler into a tumbler, and the flip top has a magnetic closure to keep it open while you drink. The Hopsulator comes in his 30 colors (including the new college team series) and has a non-slip bottom for traction in splashy situations. The matte exterior feels nice in your hand and protects from condensation, but it's naturally a little wider than a classic koozie sleeve. It's also suitable for hot drinks, making it the most versatile tool in the koozie world.

Price at time of publication: $30

  • capacity: 12oz or 16oz
  • material: double wall stainless steel
  • Empty weight: 16 oz including ice pack

YETI Black Rambler Colster Can Insulator, 1 piece


For those who drink standard 12-ounce cans, Yeti's Colster is a durable option with double-wall insulation. It's dishwasher safe and perfect for tailgating, beach trips, camping, and boating, even in triple-digit temperatures. The latest version features an improved gasket that secures the can with just a quarter turn, a sleeker look, and a proprietary Duracoat coating that won't crack or chip, also covering the bottom. . Yeti fans should look out for exclusive colors like Offshore Blue and Bimini Pink. If you're looking for a durable koozie that will last for years, Colster is the way to go.

Price at time of publication: $25

  • capacity: 12 oz (12 oz slim and 16 oz tall also available)
  • material: 18/8 double wall stainless steel
  • Empty weight: 8.3 oz

Hydro Flask Cooler Cup - Beer Seltzer Can Insulated Holder


Hydro Flask does a great job in the insulated water bottle space, and the brand's cup coolers are just as good. The silicone collar can be easily flipped over from top to bottom of a can or bottle to use as a non-slip coaster, and the container itself doubles as an insulating cup. It's super lightweight, making it perfect for traveling and camping, and fits in your car or boat's cup holder.

The cooler cup can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The sweat-free exterior features Hydro Flask's Color Last coating that won't crack or fade. Even better, they are sold in bundles, so you can get a set of two for a great deal. Mix and match six classic colors or mix and match two of the same color. Cooler cups also come in a “tandem” size that allows you to stack two beers on top of each other, keeping your second drink cold and close while you sip the first.

Price at time of publication: $25

  • capacity: 12 oz (also available in 12 oz Slim, 16 oz Tallboy, or 2-beer tandem)
  • material: 18/8 professional grade stainless steel
  • Empty weight: 9.6 oz

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Asobu Frosty Beer double stainless steel bottle


If a bottled Corona or Bud Heavy is your drink of choice, a bottle insulator is the way to go. Asobu Frosty 2 is a bestseller with thousands of perfect reviews. Made of lightweight, insulated stainless steel, it keeps drinks cold for up to 6 hours and comes with a bottle opener. You're not limited to bottle shapes, as you can easily twist the top off to hold standard cans.

Please note that if you convert your cooler to can format, you will need to track the individual parts. It also requires hand washing and does not work as an insulated tumbler like other brands. Perfect for both standard and long neck bottles, so you won't lose your cold beer due to sweat from the glass or aluminum while drinking.

Price at time of publication: $30

  • capacity: 12 oz
  • material: stainless steel and double wall plastic
  • Empty weight: 11 oz

CamelBak Horizon Can Cooler


For hard-sided koozies for slim cans, CamelBak's latest release is a smart choice. The Horizon Slim Can Cooler has double wall construction with a scratch-resistant powder coating and silicone non-slip base and collar. You can also keep the slim cans cold for 2 hours and put them in the dishwasher for cleaning if needed. Fits most cup holders. This is great news for tailgating and boating enthusiasts who want to keep their seltzers and canned cocktails within reach.

Price at time of publication: $20

  • capacity: 12 oz (slim)
  • material: 18/8 stainless steel
  • Empty weight: 7.3 oz

TahoeBay Blank Beer Can Cooler, Plain Bulk Folding Foam Soda Cover Coolie, Personalized Sublimation Sleeves for Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, HTV Projects (Multi-Color)


When it comes to koozies, sometimes the simpler the better. If you're ordering a set for a group, or just need to stock up for a summer event or beach day, here are some of the top-rated classic koozies. Tahoe Bay is a Nevada-based, veteran-owned company, so we know a thing or two about summer heat and cooling cans (we even have slim can options). The 12-ounce can version comes in packs of his 12 koozies and comes in 35 color options.

Price at time of publication: $13

  • capacity: 12 oz cans and bottles or 16 oz cans
  • material: 4mm polyester foam

our favorite

Overall, the Brumate Hopsulator Trio is the most versatile and effective koozie available today, with its convertible size, excellent insulation, and user-friendly design. The Yeti Kolster is a close second most popular among standard cans, and the Tahoe His Bay set is perfect for beer lovers who prefer the classic sleeve style.

Factors to consider


Koozies come in a variety of materials, from soft slip-on sleeves made of foam or neoprene to insulated metal can and bottle holders. Your choice really depends on how you plan to use your koozie. If you want a little extra protection for your cans and bottles on warm days, or just need a way to keep your hands free of condensation, foam koozies are the least expensive option, but they also offer minimal insulation. Neoprene koozies are a little more expensive, but they provide better insulation and will keep your drinks warmer longer. Both neoprene and foam koozies are lightweight and pack flat, making them perfect for when you need to toss them in your travel or beach bag. However, it doesn't last particularly long. Insulated metal koozies are great for keeping drinks cold and are more of an investment.

your favorite drink

When deciding which koozie to invest in, think about what you usually drink. Mostly glass bottles or slim hard seltzer cans? These days, there are koozie options for just about every can or bottle size, including wine bottles and iced coffee cups. Determine the style you drink most often and narrow down the can coolers that fit one or two sizes. You'll also find more versatile options that cover almost all bases.

your environment

Do you need a lightweight, packable koozie for the park or beach, or do you want a durable style that will stay cool for hours in the hot sun? You may want a koozie that fits in a cup holder or one that can survive falling out in the wild. How hot it gets where you are or travel is important to what style of koozie you need. Double-wall insulation is important in the highest temperatures, and a durable can cooler coating is important for trips to the beach (both against sand and UV rays). Campers will want light drinks that are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Whatever the situation, you'll probably find the most effective koozies listed here.


  • How long does a koozie keep drinks cold?

    It depends on the style of the koozie, the environment, and the temperature of the drink at the time of insertion. “Many factors affect cold retention, so we cannot guarantee the exact amount of time a product will remain cold. [koozie] It keeps the can cold,” says Hannah Mara, YETI’s vice president of product management. Drinks in a koozie may warm up quickly in hot weather, but this also happens with drinks that aren't completely chilled when you start. However, it would be reasonable to assume that the coozy will extend the cold time of the drink by 20 to 75 percent.

  • How do you clean a koozie?

    Most foam and neoprene koozies can be washed in the sink with a little dish detergent and air-dried, and some are even safe to throw in the washing machine. Rigid, insulated bottle and can coolers are usually just as easy to clean. “You can always hand wash it, or let the dishwasher do the heavy lifting. You can also wash your drinkware with dish soap and warm water. Don't use bleach or abrasive detergents.” For a deep clean, remove the gasket and wash and dry it separately before reinstalling,” says Mara.

Our expertise

Megan Soll is an Associate Editorial Director with seven years of experience at Food & Wine where she has written and edited hundreds of pieces of kitchen and homeware content. In this piece, she researched the latest can coolers and koozies on the market, drawing on her own experience from several koozies she has owned and used over the years.

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