This best-selling can cooler has near-perfect reviews

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Enthusiasts of canned and bottled beverages of all kinds know the hassle of needing different sized koozies depending on your drink of choice. Slim cans won't fit in regular koozies, and some bottles are too expensive for standard can coolers. So you have no choice but to stock up on lots of koozies, right?

mistaken! There's an all-purpose can cooler with near-perfect reviews on Amazon, with reviewers saying that once you get the Frost Buddy, you'll never need to buy a koozie again.

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The Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and combines 5 different sized koozies into one convenient insulated cooler. Fits all sizes of slim cans, regular cans, and bottles. Simply use the top lock to secure your drink in place and you're ready to drink.

Frost Buddy can cooler

Image: Frost Buddy

Frost Buddy Universal Can Cooler


“I’m a cheapskate, but [a] Good quality product,” wrote one 5-star reviewer. “I had a Yeti can koozie, but it only held 12 ounce cans. I liked the feel, but I hated that I needed four of them. [to] 5 different ones for all the crazy can sizes. I said eventually he'll get one and I'm willing to risk it…now he's probably bought eight or nine. I had 4 people buy it for me and they all agreed because it would make a great gift. ”

Another said this can cooler was a “total game changer”, adding that “compared to other competitors…you have to remove all other parts to get any other configuration” added. [and] …With FROST BUDDY, everything is included and you only need to remove one thing. ”

Available in a variety of fun colors and prints, get one of these can coolers for everyone in your group of friends and you'll be the star of the summer.Delete your Koozie collection and upgrade to Frost Buddy to keep it going all Keep your drinks cold all summer long.

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