The Great Milwaukee Can Koozie Swap & Barthip Bonanza comes to Promise on November 4th

BThank you for May, milwaukee records and bush light joined forces to host an unconventional event at promise (538 W. National Ave.) It is based on the almighty beer sleeve. “The Great Milwaukee Can Koozie Swap” brings dozens of people (including several from out of state!) and their can koozie collections to a bar/venue in Walker's Point for an afternoon of Koozies were bought, sold, traded, and celebrated. It was a great time! It went so well that we thought we'd bring it back again this fall…but this time with an extra element.

Join Promises on Saturday, November 4th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm for the “Great Milwaukee Can Koozie Swap & Bar Chip Bonanza.” Just like last time, if you're 21 or older, bring your own koozie collection to Promise's to try making one. Some deals. Set up some tables to act as a makeshift marketplace where people can make koozie-related deals.

There will also be special benefits for the first 100 people to enter. free can koozie Contains the Busch Light logo. milwaukee records Moreover. This koozie is a popular item!Please show it to the bartender at Promise. Anytime between November 4th and December 31st Get $1 off a can of Busch Light. That's almost two months' worth of a $2 can of Busch Light.

But that's not all! This time, we have expanded the event content and added elements of “Bar Chip Bonanza”.Give me a drink tip, please. Any Bars, restaurants, breweries…even locations that are no longer open, spin your newly won prize wheel to win Busch Wright memorabilia, free drinks, and more! milwaukee records Goods, treasures selected from the “mountain of awards”, etc. Don't have any bar chips to redeem? Spins can also be purchased for $2 each.

There is no cover for this event. On Saturday, November 4th, bring your koozie, unused drink tips, and beer money to Promise and make a deal.

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